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The attachment is the photo of the newly installed dental equipment in the Punta Gorda Hospital. Dr. Raphael Ramos ( far left) is the senior dental surgeon and member of the Medical Council. I met with him twice, have all the receipts, and have authorized the purchase of a mobile dental unit to be used in Toledo in remote villages. We had money left over for that. Dr. Samos is very excited and appreciative as is DR. Solomon Enriquez ( far right tall black man).  Tejas Missions has been privileged to work with the Atlanta Rotary Club, the Tyler Rotary Club and Tyler Sunrise Rotary Club with very successful projects in the Toledo District of Belize. This attached photo was sent to Dr. Peter Allen, Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Ministry of Health.  The impact of our efforts are beginning to show increased benefits to the population there who have no other access to care. Thanks to all for your help. --

This is the new looks of Punta Gorda Dental Clinic.  Yes we managed to install the unit and is fully operational.  The sterilizer is fully operational, one is in San Antonio and the other in Punta Gorda.